We've followed Gladstone for several years going to their gigs whenever we get the chance. We always said if we got married it would be great if we could have Gladstone play at our wedding. After 10 years together we decided to tie the knot and I got in touch with Ruth. We were so excited when we booked them to play at our wedding which took place in May. They really made our day complete, everyone had a great time and the dance floor was always full. Our guests have all said what a great time they had and how good the band were. We will have great memories of our special day and thank Gladstone for contributing to them.

Just wanted to say thanks to you and the rest of the band for a fabulous gig. I have had great feedback saying how good you were. Thanks for help making it a special day. Christine x

A huge thanks to all of you. You were our first choice and only choice. (Wedding couple).

Dear Ruth, Arty, John and Si,
Lisa and I would like to express our gratitude for your amazing performance at our wedding on 15 October. You made a fantastic and lasting contribution to our day!
Your banter, unintentional innuendo, stage presence and, most importantly of course, the music itself was superb. We’ve had overwhelmingly positive feedback from our guests, whether they took to the dance floor or not.
I myself haven’t danced so much since The Mayfair closed, way back when........
Thanks and best wishes from David and Lisa McClure x

Hi Ruth Sorry it has taken so long, but I just wanted to say thanks for a splendid night at the Blyth Spartans recently. Without exception, everyone enjoyed the evening and I am sure the good folk of Blyth would want me to pass on their appreciation. My thanks again and we look forward to welcoming you again in the future. Best Regards Kevin

Hi Riffs, Just a quick word on a band we seen last night Gladstone, they were truly sensational, perfect lead and backing vocals, and the general ‘feel’ of their sound was amazing. They put their own arrangements to the songs they cover, resulting in a unique sound of their own. And to even try a cover of KD Lang’s Constant Craving was brave in itself, but to pull it off with a blinding version was just inspired. I’d say this was the best local gig we’ve seen this year, it’ll take some beating that. Awesome stuff! Buckowski

Arthur, Ruth, Paul, Snap and John I couldn't let Friday pass without dropping you a line to let you know how much I (and the rest of the clan) enjoyed the evening. I will not pretend to know much about music so to me it is what is pleasing to the ear and relying on an individual’s inherent talent rather than today’s apparently manufactured sound. Every item without exception hit the spot with me and if I had not been driving would have made a fool of myself dancing so beware!!!. We are going to recommend you for our works annual Christmas bash in January at the Holiday Inn in town, is that something you would be interested in? I have not stopped talking about how good you were to people so we are keeping an eye on the web site for future gig's and hopefully we will get even more people on board. Do you need more venues or are you happy with the current circuit? Once again thanks (especially for the signed CD and looking forward to the next one) and I will see you all soon at some venue or other. Regards Geoff Pickard

Hi Ruth and Arty I thoroughly enjoyed the night. It was good from a music point of view and a social point of view. As well as being talented musicians you are all nice people with a good spirit about you and I like that. I feel it is very important to give you feed back, and I will always find something positive to say. See you all on Sunday. Take Care Eddie

Gladstone were the perfect end to a perfect day, playing for the evening do on our wedding day. Excellent music, good banter and they even provided the backing music for the best man, groom (plus a few others) to do a questionable rendition of Yellow Submarine, only recognisable as such because of the music! They were fantastic - everyone is still talking about it weeks later. Carol Addison

Thanks for a great night – we look forward to coming to see you play when we get back (from our honeymoon) Ronnie and Jo

The Star Inn (7th September 2008)

Jason Warnes from 'Scooby Snaps' (see gallery for photos by Jason)

The Star Inn
7th September 2008

First introduced to this alternative original rock band at Egypt Cottage, I was immediately inspired to go out and buy a CD and go watch them again at The Star Inn.

Ruth Thompson has the vocal range of a true hardcore professional and the energy of an athlete which is infectious to the audience, creating an awesome feel good atmosphere.

Arty Thompson is without doubt a talented musician playing rock anthems alternatively on the cello and electric guitar. Since leaving school I have not listened to much classical music and 'Arty's' expression and attitude made me want to go out and investigate this genre further and re-educate my musical inspiration.

Having seen John a few years ago with the King Snakes I was excited at having the prospects of seeing him once more and was not disappointed with his performance as he held Gladstone together with a solid back beat whilst still maintaining that Paul Newman like smile.

Snap Jacksons rendition on the acoustic of Plain White T's, 'Hey There Delilah' was awesome and his grooves and collaboration with John made for a concrete foundation for the rest of Gladstone to feed off.

I will definitely go and see Gladstone in the future on many more occasions and look forward to whatever they throw at me at our next liaison.

You must read this review !!

The Daisy Hill, Sacriston (9th May 2008)

Jarek Mace (14th May 2008)

The Daisy Hill, Sacriston
9th May 2008

Gladstone are a 4 piece band comprising of

Ruth (Vocals and Keys)


Arty (Guitar, Cello)


Snap (bass, Guitar and vocals)


and John (drums)

[image] .

I first heard of 'Gladstone' several years ago, when I was in Tubesnake.

Carl, owner of the 'Mill House' in Eighton Banks, financed a CD featuring his favourite artists that played at his pub.


'Gladstone' were one of the artists who recorded songs for the album entitled 'Sweetcorn'.

I was blown away by their version of Stings' Fields of Gold' and on the strength of that, purchased Gladstone's debut album of original material.

[image] [image]

My first sighting of the band was at Rocketfest 2007 and again at Rocketfest 2008, where I quickly snapped up their second album 'OPM' (Other Peoples Music).


It's this that most of their set is based around.

Gladstone are very, very different from any other band kicking about the north east music scene.

The story goes that Ruth, basically a raunchy rock chick inteh Alannis Morrisette genre (that's from my 13 year odl daughter who is a massive AM fan)


Met this very quiet, studious, classically trained fella called Arty


They form a band with Snap and John..

[image] [image]

and the two styles are fused perfectly...rock/pop with their own interpretation.

There's a lot of great use of the cello.


Blended with some 'oomph'...

The set started off with 'Don't Get Me Wrong' by the Pretenders followed by 'I'll Stand By You'.


A self penned track called 'Not Alone' was the first indication of what's to come from 'Gladstone's' third album.

I like the sound of this already.


'Substitute' and 'Stand By Me' lead into 'Snap singinglead vocals on Jim morrison's 'Delilah'.


Ruth's banter with the crowd is good fun with her scolding the crowd for clapping Snap's vocals more than hers
'I'm not f*cking kidding' she laughed.


'Billy Jean' lead into 'Eloise' , dedicated to Arty and Ruth's 3 year old daughter (oh yeah..I forgot to mention they were married, but you just have to listen to them scrapping on stage to guess that anyway hahja)


'I breathed and put him off' complained Ruth as she recieved a hacky look from her fella.

Then came a cello lead version of Sabbath's Paranoid which was just further indication of how different 'Gladstone' are...


The first set was deawn to a close with 'A Little Respect'.



The second set contained more well known material by The Likes of Bad Company, Buzzman tails, White Stripes (with Snap again taking lead vocals) and the high points of 'Eleanor Rigby' and 'Paint it Black'.



By now the crowd were dancing away and made Gladstone perform no less than 3 encores including 'I Predict a Riot'.


Gladstone are one of my favourire local bands.
As well as all 4 being really nice people that make you feel welcome at their gigs, they play instantly recogniseable songs with a totally different feel.

The use of keyboards and cello in a lot of the songs add a 'mournful' feel that make you sit back and listen.


Ruth's vocals are raunchy at times but very melodic and sweet and others.


Snap's a good singer as well and the rythm section of him and John are nice and tight.

If you get the chance to se them or get a copy of any of their CD's you will not be disappointed.


Jarek Mace (14th May 2008)

Gladstone at Rocketfest 4
16th March 2008


Here's a little history.

Imagine there's this really raunchy rock chick singer that's in a metal band....

She meets and falls for a quiet and very talented classical musician who has never been in a rock band but has been in several classical orchestras.


They get married, have a lovely daughter and decide to combine Arty's classical training with Ruth's obvious attitude....define attitude..okay..


That's attitude haha.

Anyway, they got together with Si on bass/guitar and some vocals and John on Drums to form Gladstone and created something a little unique.


They do a lot of their own stuff but today we were treated to their 'covers' set'.

They take great rock tunes like 'Eleanor Rigby' , 'Eloise' and even 'Paranoid' by Black Sabbath and use a mix of electric, acoustic and even classical instruments to spice it up.


They really are nice people and they had a lot of fan's in the place...but not one I am afraid :'(

Arty and Ruth's little daughter didn't like mammy singing too loud and had to go outside to have a bit protest and cry...wait til she is 13 and fronting a punk rock'll remind her of this hahahaha.


The use of the cello, Ruth's raunchy rocker voice coupled with solid rhythm from John and Si's ability to swap between bass, guitar and even sing a bit (my missus particularly enjoyed his chanting)...


...make Gladstone a band that could please rockers and mellower punters alike.

I asked Laura to watch Ruth carefully for some 'stage presence' tips...whey man, she cannot copy me can she...fat lad shouting 'let's go f*cking crazy' and 'No , No please god help me' can she?


I have all of Gladstone's albums now....okay there's only 2 on release but I have them hehehe

No surprise that Gladstone are Jarek's choice #6

Davey's Rock Page (27th February 2008)

The Lochside, Newcastle
21st February 2008

Midweek gigs are usually low key affairs, wasn't sure what to expect, had heard about this band on this very web page so thought we would try them ourselves, and in summary - well it was different to any other gig we had been too, in a nice way of course, and it certainly was not a low key affair.
When I say different, imagine Paranoid with Cello -- noo that’s different.
The thing is, it really works. The band have a manic singer who never stands still and totally entertains and is a true professional, even to the point of getting the mike distance just right when she’s doing the louder vocals, and what a voice she has, they covered Eleanor Rigby which we think is one of the greatest beatles songs, and did it total justice in their own style, the build up on the intro with the cello was brilliant and the vocals were great, at times she reminded us slightly of Eddie Reader, but her vocal range was immense and changed to suit the songs. The cello also worked great on A Little Respect and Eloise. These 3 songs were probably our highlights, but then again they also did some modern classics in their own style i.e. Seven Nation Army.
They are quite clever in that they only use the cello in songs where it will enhance the song, so the whole evening is not taken over by one instrument. Other songs were from Annie Lennox, The Pretenders, a great version of Drove all Night and one of our all time favourite "pop" songs Somewhere In My Heart.
We enjoyed them so much we bought the CD they have out called OPS (other peoples songs).
For those of you who have not seen Gladstone, give them a go. Ok, as has been said on other reviews, it’s not heavy metal, but its damn fine rock music with a different slant.
Oh - THE PUB, Well another pub trying hard to promote live music, it’s a nice friendly pub with a good mix and we felt very comfortable, only gripe was when we asked for another half inch of coke in our Bacardi was told they would charge for a full glass, which leaves a bitter taste but there ya go, can’t have everything!!

Paul and Bernie

Big Ginger Git's Gig Pit (4th June 2007) Note: You need to register for this site but it is worth it.

Gladstone at The Holystone
3rd June 2007

A rare night off and an even rarer night out with Mrs Gambit.

(Yes she does exist)

Any way she wanted to go to Tynemouth to some poxy bar so I reminded her that Gladstone were a top band that I had mixed at Rocketfest and that I really wanted to see them as they did a great variety of music and I am sure she would love them.

I always try to get Mrs G out to see a band if we are going out. It saves talking to her and if you don't talk you can't argue!

She gave in gently and we proceeded up to The Holystone.

Anyway for those of you who don't know this band consists of a drummer, 3 percussionist's, 2 guitarists,3 lead vocalists, a kazoo player, a keyboard player, a bass player and a cello player. No it wasn't a 14 piece band it was four people that swapped instruments all night. They played such a different mix of music from The Beatles to Zeppelin plus a couple of their own. The songs are executed in such a manor that you can't help tap you feet. The musicianship from the band is outstanding. There are no weak links. Arty on guitar, vocals and cello is a music teacher as is Snap on bass guitar, guitar, kazoo and percussion. The drummer I have seen around in a different band, just can't remember which, was solid as a rock. Arty's wife Ruth is the lead singer and keyboard player. Apart from looking rather delightful her performance is of an accomplished artist who loves what she is doing. Her quirky little dance moves complemented the music without being over the top. Her voice is fantastic and has a mixture of Alanis Morissette, Cyndi Lauper and Sheryl Crowe in it. She handles songs by Bad Company, The Stones to Aztec Camera in her own unique style.

All in all a totally worthwhile trip. It may not be heavy metal but it was great as can be testified by the presence of Davy Potter and Kimberley who have seen the band on a number of occasions.

Mrs G came away happy and it wasn't just the drink!

I urge you metal fans to look further afield. This band is great and deserve the support.

I would recommend them.

Davey's Rock Page (12th February 2007)

The STAR INN, Newcastle
10th February 2007

I’d seen the name GLADSTONE appear in local listings on a regular basis, sometimes alongside local musician Pete Dodds, and along with the bands’ name, I fell in to the trap of assuming that the band played folky, lightweight kind of music…not my cup of tea at all. Anyways, with there not being many gigs standing out that I could easily get to on Saturday, I decided to drag a few friends down to The Star Inn, Newcastle “ for an hour” and at least see some ‘live’ music. What a pleasant surprise when I got to the venue where a good size crowd were in attendance watching the band who were a couple of songs in to their first set.

Okay, not the heavy rock I’d much prefer, and not any folky music either, but just some solid, punchy rock/pop covers from the female fronted, four-piece group. A nice change having a ‘lass’ chanter who sang some great songs usually you only hear in a male tone. A few songs that stood out were Bad Company’s ‘Feel Like Making Love’ and ‘Eloise’ by The Dammed, the latter, one of a few songs played by Arty swapping his guitar for a cello, as was ‘Eleanor Rigby’ with the cello giving a rasping chunkiness sound.
The rhythm back line was solid with an old familiar face, ex-Croutons drummer John Cuthbert with the sticks and Snap (?) on bass and singing the odd song. The lovely Ruth really got in to the gig, jumping, dancing around, punching the air in time to the music and coped really well in a range of music from The Rolling Stones, Cyndi Lauper, The Buzzcocks, and Greenday just to mention a few. The crowd were very enthusiastic and gave the band loads of applause after each song. So instead of just a couple of quick pints, we just had to stay the full gig!..and even saw the band again at The Holystone the next night! Watch a video from that gig here>>>

Like I said, a great change from the norm! Four really nice people who look like they’re having fun and loving what they do and well worth catching if you fancy a night off from your usual heavy rock stuff.
Davy P.

The Daisy Hill, Sacriston (25th August 2006)

After missing a few weeks with hols and other reasons, it was business as usual for me at the Daisy. Recently had a return visit from GLADSTONE. They are a four-piece band (sometimes they use a percussionist), who play a mix of light rock / pop songs. A canny crowd were in for the gig. Fronted by the lovely Ruth, who sings very well, plays keyboard and is a real mover, she with the swaying hips J. Arty, Ruth’s partner plays guitar and for some songs introduces an electric cello. Must say GLADSTONE are the only band on the scene where I have seen such a weapon brandished so well, but it is very effective with the chosen songs.

Simon Smith played a sound bass (never noticed any dancing bears around J ) and John Cuthbert, drummer made up the back line. GLADSTONE are a nice change from mainstream rock and the songs are very well crafted with their own interpretation put on them. The cello works well with Eloise, which was excellent, and it just happens to be the name of Ruth & Arty's new arrival (awww). Nice name, nice song. “Somewhere in my Heart” "Eleanor Rigby", "Drove All Night" and the 'Stones' "Paint it Black" and “Sweet Dreams” , Lennox, were other songs where the cello featured to very good effect. Other songs featured were, Brass in Pocket, Everybody's Talking and I'll Stand By You and Feel like Making Love. I liked the intro to Tainted Love (very good too) and more diversity followed in Blue Bayou and Ever Fallen In Love by the Buzzcocks. Gladstone are also writers of their own songs and 2 were featured here, Not Alone and Relax. Arty sang Blackbird (McCartney), (Simon adding the finishing touch perfectly with the birdcall J) and Simon also had a solo piece with Greendays Good Riddance.

GLADSTONE play good solid music with great enthusiasm with Ruth's excellent vocals and relaxed style at the fore. Speaking later Ruth said they had enjoyed the gig and would love to come back again. No problems there, GLADSTONE and are always welcome at the Daisy Hill. See ya next year.

John J

Bundy Talent Website (8th May 2005)

Sunday 8th May 2005

As reported on the main page, Gladstone have been off the road for a while due to Ruth and Arty's induction into the new parents club (so congratulations to them). But now they are back and as good as ever.

Kicking off with Brass in Pocket , there followed musically diverse numbers in Everybody's Talking and Relax , and lyrically diverse in Good Riddance and I'll Stand By You . Gladstone are about good solid music with Ruth's excellent vocals at the fore, but you get more than a straightforward gig with them. For example they have a drummer AND a separate percussionist (toms, chimes, maracas etc), and they are not averse to swapping things around during the set. Let me explain (but do try and keep up). They did the Beatles' Yesterday with guitarist Arty taking up the cello, Snap swapping his bass for a banjo and drummer Colin taking up guitar – confused? I was. And the rasping cello was kept out for the first set closer Eloise , which was excellent, and it just happens to be the name of Ruth & Arty's new arrival (awww). Nice name, nice song.

No Matter What They Say got the second set under way, and we were treated to the full range of Ruth's vocals with the gentle Here Comes the Sun (about a bloke waiting for his newspaper I think), and the rockier Feel Like Making Love . Surprise tune of the night was Tainted Love (very good too) and more diversity followed in Blue Bayou and Ever Fallen In Love by the Buzzcocks. Then it was quality all the way to the finish line with Eleanor Rigby (the cello beefing this one up), Drove All Night and Paint it Black rounding off the gig. Your So Vain was the first encore number, by which time I had to dash, so I can't report any further.

Gladstone are like a breath of fresh air – not only because of the diversity in sound, but looking through their set list there are so many songs that are rarely heard on the pub circuit - and not a Wishing Well in sight. Catch them if you can.



South Shields Gazette (18th September 2004)

Get Rhythm (24th July 2004): Ousburn Festival

This review from NorthEastMusic (venue: The Flemming, Shotton, 31 January 2004).

Opening the gig with "Here Comes The Sun" we were immediately hit by the very high standard and sheer class of this outfit, which left you with the thought 'what are they doing here'.

Ruth spoke welcoming us to the night informing us that it would be a mix of six or seven of there own penned tracks and covers. The next two tracks "Sail Away" and "Relax" showed immediately that there own stuff is brilliant so we all knew we were in for a great evening.

By the time they eased there way thru covers like "Stand By You" and Sting's "Fields Of Gold" Ruth added to her hauntingly beautiful voice by getting more animated as the songs picked up pace.

The outstanding playing and clever arrangements of the band can easily get forgotten as everyone in our team [all male] were mesmerized by Ruth, how can someone who moves and looks that good be such an excellent singer?

Getting towards the end of the first set Arty pulled out his Cello and saved our professionalism by dragging us back to the music, with a fantastic cover of the Beatles "Yesterday".

Colin and Jim started swapping instruments showing 'Gladstone' to be a very strong musical unit as the set came to an end with a cover of 'Extreme's' "More Than Words".

A couple of covers by 'The Pretenders' and 'Dusty Springfield' kicked off the second set then the brilliant "Ego" their own song about Ruth's pet hate, men who love themselves.

In the next track "Fever" check out Ruth's hips [but don't let your missus catch you looking] also don't let Arty catch you either as Ruth and he [seven foot at least in height] are partners.

After the cover "Blue Bayou" they played an exceptional track from there new album "Her Great Day" during which a drunk found his way to the stage nearly knocking over gear as he pranced about and although it didn't seam to be off-putting to Ruth, the venue's staff took far too long to get rid...

Another original song followed "Eleanor Rigby" and "Drove All Night" and then into the 'Stones' "Paint it Black" to finish, and the by now full crowd [swollen by extra people roaming in from the wedding party next door] where treated to two encores "Long Train Running" and "You're So Vane"...

Clever crafted songs written for Cello, Bass, Drums, clean guitars and a beautiful female voice is not my usual cup of tea but this act is so classy and of a standard above all else that they instantly went to the top of my must see again list...

Go and fall in love with them yourselves...

FS, DH and AG for NEM...